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"***** (5 stars)! A wonderment...one of the purest definitions of an involving drama." Rory Aronsky, filmthreat.com

"***** (5 stars)! Keep a box of tissues handy...compares to It's a Wonderful Life." Deborah Buckner, AnE Vibe

"The small tragedies of it's almost-lost souls are strikingly authentic...call it an indie with soul"
J.B. Mitchell, Orlando Weekly

"Heartfelt drama about the effects of loneliness and desperation...superb cast."
John Larsen, Ventura County Reporter

"Sensitively constructed...one of Stephen Baldwin's better performances."

"K Callan's performance is incredible."
John Anderson, Newsday

Winner of the Special Jury Prize for "Best First Feature" award at the 2007 Cinequest Film Festival, mentioned as one of the top 15 festivals in the world by two major festival publications!

Winner of the "Audience Favorite" Award at the Kansas Int'l Film Festival!

Closing night film of the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival and winner of "Best Script!"

Winner of the "Best Storyline" Award at the Boston International Film Festival!

Winner of a Redemptive Storyteller Award at the Redemptive Film Festival!


SEDONA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, listed by Chris Gore's Festival Guide as one of the top ten "Best Kept Secret Festivals" (audiences rated each film, and Midnight Clear received a 4.24 out of 5, one of the top scores at the festival)

METHOD FEST FILM FESTIVAL, listed by Chris Gore's Festival Guide as one of the top five "Festivals for actors."

USA FILM FESTIVAL, listed by Gore's guide as one of the top 10 "Truly Independent" festivals in the US.

deadCENTER FILM FESTIVAL in Oklahoma City, listed as one of the top 10 regional festivals in the US.

WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL in Michigan, also one of the top 10 regional fests in the US.

HEARTLAND FILM FESTIVAL, the top family/uplifting film festival in the US.

FIRSTGLANCE PHILADELPHIA, one of Moviemaker Magazine's "20 Fests Worth The Entry Fee."



Twas the night before Christmas in the Southwest, and for five strangers spread out across town, it's the most depressing time of the year. A middle aged man, jobless and evicted, and an old woman estranged from her family, contemplate suicide; a church youth pastor takes his teens for a night of bad caroling to shut-ins; a young mother and her son visit her brain-damaged husband on the anniversay of the car accident; and on the outskirts of town, a gas station owner spends the slow day bored and depressed.

But as the day progresses, they randomly cross paths, and in unique and subtle ways, change each other's lives forever. In the tradition of films like "Magnolia" and "The Station Agent," and featuring incredible and heartbreaking performances by veteran actors such as Stephen Baldwin (Usual Suspects), K Callan (Lois & Clark), and Kirk B.R. Woller (Flags of our Fathers), Midnight Clear is a quiet tapestry of lonely people trying to connect in the midst of pain. Shot in a raw, naturalistic style, the film still finds hope in the midst of a Christmas that is anything but white.

Based on the award-winning short film and the short story by bestselling author of the blockbuster Left Behind series (63 million copies sold) Jerry B. Jenkins, Midnight Clear also features newcomers Mary Thornton and Mitchell Jarvis, and surprising guest performances from Victoria Jackson ("SNL"), Richard Fancy ("Seinfeld"), and Richard Riehle (Office Space).